10 Tips to Keep Your Hot Tub Clean & Safe

  • April, 2020
  • 3 min.
  • By: Eric Cruz

Once in awhile, we ALL have a stressful day. But being able to come home and unwind in a hot tub cannot be beat! Having the hot water bubbling over you allows the troubles of the day to float away. Many times, while enjoying this excellent escape from your stresses, it is easy to forget the importance of your new hot tub’s maintenance.

1. Recognize The Signs Of A Problem

When serious things go wrong with your hot tub, like tripped breakers, a malfunctioning pump, heater failure and other things, of course you would call a professional. However, you need to do your part in maintenance as well.

If you do not properly take care of your spa’s system, you can have a buildup of things like cloudy green water, white scale deposits, and brown water – all of which can cause irritation of the eyes or a strange smell. This is not only annoying but can make family members and friends want to avoid using your new tub!

2. Drain Your Hot Tub Regularly

An easy maintenance step for you that will keep your system in excellent condition, is draining the tub once every three months and keeping the water balanced with the proper chemicals. This spa care tip will help you keep clear, nice smelling water in your tub for you to enjoy!

3. Use Proper Hot Tub Chemicals


Soft Soak Trio® by BioGuard®, is a hot tub water chemical which keeps your hot tub water clean and clear without the smell of chlorine. Gentle and soft, Soft Soak Trio® adds to the overall comfort of your hot tub. This provides an easy way to maintain your hot tub and allow you to have control over the condition of your spa water.

Since the product comes in a pre-measured packet, there is no worry regarding how much to add to maintain appropriate hot tub care. This provides not only clear sparkling water but clean, healthy water as well. This gives the assurance that the chemistry of your system is balanced and you can experience complete stress-free relaxation.


SpaGuard® BioGuard® spa product line of chemicals are premium hot tub chemicals we stock which remove the contaminants that cause green water, scale deposits, cloudy water, and other irritating water problems. These product offer a trio of reasons why you should use these products to maintain proper hot tub care. We offer: Trio is Simple, Trio is Soft and Trio is Clear. This covers any and all problems you may encounter with everyday use of your spa.

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