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UP TO $4000 off

Dive into luxury with our
wide selection of swim spas
now offering up to $4000 off

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Welcome to Sleep and Spas,
your premier destination for top-quality swim spas!

Why choose a swim spa from Sleep and Spas?

Our swim spas are designed with your relaxation and fitness needs in mind. Experience the ultimate aquatic therapy with our state-of-the-art swim spas, perfect for low-impact workouts or serene relaxation sessions.

At Sleep and Spas, customization is key.

Tailor your swim spa to your exact preferences with customizable features, ensuring a personalized experience every time you take a dip.

  • Deep Relief M Series 230

  • Gyrossage M Series 230

  • Lumbar M Series 230

  • Oscillator M Series 230

  • Pulsator M Series 230

  • Rain Shower M Series 230

  • Spinal Health M Series 230

  • STIL Alleviate Front

  • STIL Oscillator Front

  • STIL Pulsator Front

  • STIL Rain Shower Front

  • STIL Spinal Health Front

  • STIL Wellness Front

  • Trio M Series 230

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