N150 Adjustable Bed Base

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N150 Adjustable Bed Base

The N150 is one of two entry-level adjustable bases. With head and foot incline, you have the option to sit up in bed and elevate your feet with the push of a button. Includes wired remote control and a 5-year limited warranty.

- A metal frame with a a black finish provides a durable base with a sleek look
- Incline option up to 58 degrees for head, 40 degrees for foot panels
- Foldable for easy storage and quick 15-minute setup from beginning to end
- Can be placed directly on foundations, beds, or the ground
- Responsive motor adjusts quickly but quietly

FOLD ME: Moving your bed doesn’t have to be a pain. The sleek, metal frame folds in half for easy shipping and storage.

EASY SETUP: A truly versatile design. Place directly on foundations, existing bedframes, or the ground—whatever works best for your room. Plus, it only takes 15 minutes to set up from start to finish.

QUICK AND QUIET: Quiet is essential for good sleep. You can make quick and quiet adjustments at the push of a button—without disturbing anyone else.

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