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Z TripleLayer Premium Down Pillow

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Z™ TripleLayer™ Down Pillow

The TripleLayer™ Down Pillow has a unique design that ensures it remains plump and soft longer than ordinarily constructed down pillows. With an inner feather core layered between clusters of soft down, the TripleLayer™ Down Pillow is an elite down pillow that offers support as well as somewhere plush and comfortable to rest.



MATERIAL: Down Feathers

KEY FEATURE: Triple Layers

Inner core:
- Blend of fill with 90 percent feathers and 10 percent down to comfortably support your head and neck
- Top and bottom layers are filled with 90 percent down and 10 percent feathers for a luxurious plush feel
- Cover is made of 100 percent unbleached cotton finished with a breathable percale weave
- Premium cotton packaging is designed to be a reusable travel tote

TRIPLE LAYERS: The TripleLayer™ Down Pillow was designed with a distinct support system—an inner core of feathers enclosed by two layers of plush down clusters—to achieve cushy support that won’t go flat over time.

RESPONSIBLY SOURCED DOWN FEATHERS: Malouf™ is committed to sourcing only responsibly harvested down and feathers—all high quality and traceable to the source.

PERCALE WEAVE COVER: The luxury down pillow is covered by a 100 percent unbleached, undyed cotton casing with a percale weave for breathability.

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