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The refined Imperial massage chair includes several new features that set it apart from the average massage chair, providing an at-home massage experience like no other.

One of the most popular new features of the Imperial is the all-new calf-kneading massage. Each leg unit contains two rollers to soothe sore, tired calf muscles. The rollers imitate human hands gently working to relieve tension and pain and restore circulation and flexibility of these hard-working muscles.

The Imperial also gives “refresh” a new meaning with its air ionizer. This feature gently blows fresh air from small vents in the headrest to facilitate healthy oxygen intake. You will feel invigorated and focused after inhaling freshly circulated air during your massage session.

This versatile massage chair is suitable for a range of users, especially with its new footrest design. The Imperial accommodates tall users more comfortably with its extending footrest, which fits those up to 6’3”.

As even more proof of its customizability, the chair’s 3D technology also allows users to adjust the depth of the massage rollers. Choose from five 3D intensity levels, enjoy a deeper neck massage with the auto-extend neck feature, and easily select one of the new 3D auto programs. Of course, you will also enjoy maximum relaxation with our signature 49” L-shaped roller track.

Additionally, we engineered the Imperial to be as convenient as possible. Easily control your Imperial with the most intuitive wireless remote on the market. Then, simply charge the remote, your phone, or other devices at your side with the chair’s handy USB ports. The Imperial also includes Bluetooth capability that allows you to easily connect to your wireless Bluetooth-enabled device and play music through the headrest speakers.

If you were worried about fitting the Imperial massage chair into your home, fear not! Its zero wall space-saving technology allows you to place the Imperial right against the wall. This exclusive Imperial advancement affords you the ultimate dream massage even in the most restrictive of space settings.

Infinity is constantly working to reach the peak of luxury and relaxation, and the Imperial is a perfect symbol of this mission.


Air Ionizer
3D Neck and Shoulder Massage
Calf-kneading Massage
Re-designed Footrest (To accommodate taller users)
Wireless Remote
USB Charger for Devices
49” Stroke Length
2 Zero Gravity Positions
Spinal Correction & Waist Twist
Inter-sound Technology
Bluetooth Technology
Rolling Massagers on Soles of Feet
Lumbar Heat
Four Wheel Massage Mechanism
Arms & Wrists
Lower Waist
Lumbar & Buttock
Leg & Feet

Length: 60 in
Width: 33 in
Height: 45 in
Length: 72 in
Width: 33 in
Height: 34 in
Weight: 350 lbs
Max Weight Capacity: 285 lbs

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