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Tempur-Pedic LUXEbreeze Soft Mattress

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Comfort Level: Soft

Tempur-LUXEbreeze° is designed to regulate your body’s temperature to prevent overheating using special cooling materials created in Tempur-Pedic’s thermal laboratory. The Tempur-LUXEbreeze° cooling mattresses target the micro-climates between your covers and mattress so you can finally experience deep, restful nights without waking up frequently or feeling overheated in bed.

Each of the innovative Temper-Pedic breeze° series mattresses with PureCool+™ Technology absorbs excessive heat using Phase-Change Materials, creating better airflow that promotes amazing sleep.

Cooling Technology

The Tempur-LUXEbreeze° mattress features materials that work together to give you maximum pressure relief while feeling up to 8° cooler!

Pressure Relief

Each Tempur-LUXEbreeze° mattress features Ventilated APR™ advanced pressure relief – providing enhanced breathability throughout the unique layers of legendary pressure-relieving TEMPUR® materials that conform perfectly to your body.

Motion Cancellation

Tempur-LUXEbreeze° mattresses are designed with unparalleled motion-absorption, providing undisturbed peaceful rest for you and your partner every night.

Mattress Profile

The Tempur-LUXEbreeze° four-layer Cooling System gives you optimum cooling and pressure point alleviation for premium cooling comfort.

You’ll feel the soothing effect of the cooling fiber-infused SmartClimate Cover™ and PureCool+™ Phase Change Material after just a few minutes.

The TEMPUR-CM+™ Comfort Layer will help you sleep cool all night and wake up feeling refreshed. You will love the convenient machine-washable zip-off SmartClimate® Cover System that always feels instantly cool. The Ventilated TEMPUR-APR® Material, Temper-Pedic’s most pressure-relieving material, will provide you with enhanced ultra-breathability like no other mattress.

Stop waking up from nightly overheating with the Tempur-Pedic Tempur-LUXEbreeze°mattress!

Comfort Level

  • Soft

Mattress Type

  • Memory Foam
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